Tuwajibike na Mabadiliko ya Hali na Tabia Nchi – Project

TUWAJIBIKE NA MABADILIKO YA HALI YA TABIA NCHI, is a project that intends to increase awareness and actions of Local people, Public officials and Politicians on Climate change and variability in one Semi- Arid district of Dodoma region namely Kongwa.

Main project activities include involvement of local communities in identifying and mapping of local climate phenomena through Communication Based Assessment (CBA) and Communication Need Assessment (CNA); Training local community, public officials and politicians about climate change and suitable actions based on defined local climate phenomena; Conducting dialogues between local communities, public officials and politicians to identify key climate challenges and prioritizing responses; Develop communication outreach programs for local community households and special community social groups such as women, youth and environmental clubs in primary and secondary schools through Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) as platform for promoting inclusive climate change knowledge sharing and responsive action;  Training local media presenters about climate change (causes, impacts and responses) and engaging local people to share their experience about climate change in Radio and TV programs; Maintaining close tie with Tanzanian Meteorological Agency (TMA), local Universities and similar institutions for supply of weather/climate information for the local area of operation and Interpreting supplied weather information such as seasonal outlooks in lay language for easy understanding

TUWAJIBIKE NA MABADILIKO YA HALI YA TABIA NCHI PROJECT, will enable the raising of awareness and change of local behaviour on climate change through climate change knowledge dissemination interventions in respective districts of operations within Dodoma region and neighbouring districts and regions. Moreover, the project will increase political commitment towards climate change by enhancing the capacity of policy makers and planners in mainstreaming climate change actions into government policies and local development plans, thus contributing to the global commitment of combating and reducing adverse impacts of climate change as stipulated in the Paris Agreement (COP 21) and goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals.