Ending Child Marriage/ Back To School Project

Back to school project

This project is set to address child marriage through education. With no doubt through addressing child marriage the project will be directly contributing to to address a number of interrelated issues including Child/Early Pregnancy, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Maternal and Child Health, and HIV/AIDS.

It has been proved that keeping girls in school is one of the best approach to end child marriage.

Data shows that women with no education get married on average at age 17.7 years versus 23.1 years for women with secondary or higher education. (TDHS Key Findings on Gender 2 010)

The project deploys a set of evidence-based strategies to delay or prevent child marriage and pregnancy

We work direct with girls in primary and secondary schools to provide them with information, skills and support networks

The project promote girls’ access to a high-quality education. This involve conducting community outreaches to find young girls who are not in school for whatever reason and getting them back to school. But also working with teachers to create conducive environment ie. friendly environment that makes girls happy, comfortable and feel safe being at school.

The project is working to advocate for changes and creation of supportive legal structures that protect children from marriages.

The project educates and rally parents, guardians and community members to change the perception on girls and see the importance of taking girls to school.

RUT believes that change will only come if men and boys are also part of the project. The project work with men and boys to change their attitudes toward girls and making them be among agents of change.

The project creates conducive environment for discussion with girls particularly those who didn’t get chance for formal education and providing them with life skills and building self esteem.