RMNCAH + Nutrition

RMNCAH+ Nutrition

Good Nutrition is vital for good health and wellbeing of every human being particularly in the first 1000 days of life. The role of nutrition in a person’s development is of utmost importance to their lifelong health. Despite of the incredible efforts done in Tanzania to improve nutritional status, yet nutrition condition of the population particularly children and women is facing challenges that need to be addressed. 

RUT works with government, communities, donors and other stakeholders to implement nutrition programs in the communities for the purpose of addressing health problems resulted from nutrition deficiency.

In Tanzania One-third (34%) of children
under age 5 are stunted (short for their age); 5% are
wasted (thin for their height) and 14% are underweight (thin
for their age).



TDHS, 2015-2016

In Tanzania only 9% of children age 6-23
months are fed according to the minimum acceptable
dietary standards

TDHS, 2015-2016

In Tanzania One in ten women age 15-
49 are underweight, while 18% are overweight and 10% are


TDHS, 2015-2016

What We Do

  • Provide nutrition counseling at family, school, community and health facility levels on the importance of nutrition (make it priority despite of the economic situation)
  • Establishing food banks with donations from individuals, local community groups, and other NGOs
  • Providing seeds and fertilizers to poor  households
  • Support maternal and child nutrition: Community outreach activities to counsel pregnant women, lactating women and  families on the importance of nutrition 
  • Nutritional Care for People Living with HIV and NCDs patients
  • Conduct Behaviour Change Communication to prevent nutrition related harmful traditional practices